New World Patch Note Update 1.6.6

Today, the Amazon Game Studios crew introduced their upcoming 1.6.6 replacement to their free-to-play MMO New World. The 1.6.6 replacement for New World seems to deal with combat, international experience, and the economy. Hopefully, the patch will deal with the network worries going forward. So, with no greater introduction, the full patch notes listing for the New World 1.6.6 replacement is here. In this article, we are discuss New World Patch Notes

New World Update 1.5.6

 General Fixes 

  • Fixed a malicious program that allowed gamers to ad infinitum junk mail abilities. 
  • Fixed trouble that induced positive crests to no longer seems withinside the listing of a player’s to be had ranges once they have been entitled to them. 
  • Fixed problem that induced quest resets to copy lore and map unencumber rewards. 
  • Added a speculative restore for trouble that caused Void Destroyers to show invisible in Invasions and the Tempest Heart Expedition. 
  • We will preserve to screen the boards to see if gamers are encountering this uncommon trouble after the update. 
  • Fixed a malicious program that induced gamers to no longer get success development for overall Trade Skill ranks. 
  • Fixed problem that caused numerous quest-giver NPCs to show invisible.

New World 1.6.6 Update Patch Notes 


Speculative restoration for uncommon instances while a participant individual dies isn’t provided with a respawn screen. 

  • Fixed a problem with sport mode scoreboards now no longer showing for gamers who are part of an in-development War or Invasion. 
  • Fixed an issue that prompted faulty invite messages for gamers who signed up for a War or Invasion at the equal time a server crash occurred. 


  • Fixed a problem that would save you Nereid’s come across from beginning withinside the Barnacles & Black Powder expedition. 


  • Fixed an accidental dice from performing subsequent to the Celestial Rabbit residence pet. 
  • Fixed a problem that averted gamers from interacting with one aspect of a mattress housing item. 
  • Stained glass housing gadgets will now nicely show colors. 

World Experience 

  • Fixed a problem that prompted occasion lore notes related to Summer Villages to linger withinside the international after the seasonal occasion ended. 
  • Fixed a problem that averted the Medleyfaire fishing pole rewards from functioning after the seasonal occasion ended. 
  • Fixed a problem in which new characters might be erroneously located right into a standby queue once in a while even though there has been enough ability within the international to house them. 
  • Fixed an animation problem while interacting with the mattress housing item. 
  • Fixed a problem that prompted a rapid journey to, on occasion, fail. 
  • Fixed an unprecedented server crash.
  • Speculative restore for participant achievements and titles is no longer performing within the UI. 


After analyzing the patch notes for the 1.6.6 replacement to New World, you could locate the sport on a PC for $39.99. Additionally, you could comply with later updates or destiny initiatives by following the groups at Amazon Game Studios.


New World lately has turned out to be one of the fastest-developing MMORPGs on Steam, quickly surpassing Valheim as the biggest Steam release within the platform’s records. All in all, New World is a big sport with many on offer, from PVE to PVP quests, game modes, or even dungeons for gamers to probe for epic loot.

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