MCC USB-202 Reviews and Details

Then the MCC USB-202 is a high-paced two-channel statistics acquisition board that offers simultaneous sampling at prices up to twenty MS/s per channel. So, users can pattern statistics from each media at a universal fee of forty MS/s to the 64 mega sample onboard memory or constantly circulation statistics to several laptops at up to eight MS/s for one or each channel over a high pace USB connection. Because each channel has its A/D converter for simultaneous sampling to cast off channel skew and make sure section facts among channels are maintained.

MCC USB-202:

1.MCC USB-202 12-BIT, 100 KS/S SIN6069-410-008MCC USB-202 12-BIT, 100 KS/S SIN0View Details
2.MCC USB-205 12-BIT, 500 KS/S SIN6069-410-009MCC USB-205 12-BIT, 500 KS/S SIN0View Details

MCC USB-202 Features:

  • Two 20 MS/s simultaneous-sampling analog infusions
  • 12-bit key
  • 64 mega sample onboard memory-40 MS/s general rate to onboard recollection when receiving from both channels-8 MS/s throughput to host PC
  • Analog and digital triggering and gating
  • Inner or external pacing of analog scans
  • Eight digital I/O lines
  • BNC and a 40-pin header for sign links kept Using Systems
  • Windows® 10/8/7/Vista®XP 32/64-bit

Key Heights:

The USB-2020 records acquisition (DAQ) tool affords simultaneous, so, high velocity analog inputs at charges up to twenty MS/s in step with a channel. Users can pattern records without delay to the 64 MS onboard reminiscence or constantly circulate papers to some computers. Then the features encompass an A/D converter in step with a channel, bendy triggering and gating options, and virtual I/O.

Analog Input: MCC USB-202

  • Then the USB-202 and USB-205 widespread and
  • OEM variations have 12-bit analog
  • Output channels.
  • Up to date together at a charge of as so much
  • Once hundred twenty-five S/s in line with the track. One work can be
  • Up to date at the cost of as much as 250 S/s.
  • The output variety is constant at zero V to five V. 

Screw terminals The screw terminals provide the following connections: 

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Eight single-ended analog inputs (CH0 to CH7)

  • Therefore, Two analog outputs (AOUT0 and AOUT1) 
  • Eight digital I/O (DI00 to DI07)
  • The outer pacer clock input (AICKI) 
  • External pacer so, clock output (AICKO) 
  • Digital trigger input (TRIG) 
  • Counter input (CTR) 
  • User voltage output (+VO) 
  • Analog ground reference (AGND) and digital ground reference (GND)

MCC USB-202 Accuracy 

Analog input DC voltage measurement accuracy 

Therefore, DC Accuracy components and specifications; All values are (±) Range Gain error (% of reading) Offset error (mV) Absolute accuracy at Full Scale (mV) Gain temperature coefficient (% reading/°C) Offset temperature coefficient (mV/°C) ±10V 0.098 11 20.8 0.016 0.87


Then the USB-202 and USB-205 have type 12-bit analog output channels. Both outputs may be up to date concurrently at a fee of as much as 125 S/s in keeping with a track. One result may be up to date at the cost of as much as 250 S/s. Then the output variety is constant at 0 V to 5 V. So, each USB-2 hundred collection tool presents one outside clock enter and one clock output for the analog enter pacer. Because users can join an exterior clock sign to the outer clock entry terminal. When using the inner clock, every tool outputs the ADC pattern clock.

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