How to Make Flower in Little Alchemy 2 

How to make Flower in Little Alchemy 2: isn’t always a tough task, and you could make it even if you are an amateur in the sport. If you’ve stepped forward in the game and have a few elements, you could begin your Flower-making adventure from there. However, in case you are starting from scratch, there are 18 steps, in general, to make a Flower in Little Alchemy 2.

How to make Flower

Making a flower in Little Alchemy 2 calls for some steps that we’ve got indexed underneath for you. By following all the steps, you’ll make Flower. Here’s a pictorial illustration of the way you could make Flower. Best of luck!

Combinations to make Flower 

To make Flower, you’ve got eight one-of-a-kind mixtures you could use to make it. 

  • Double rainbow! + grass 
  • double rainbow! + Plant 
  • garden + grass 
  • garden + plant 
  • garden + seed 
  • grass + rainbow 
  • grass + seed 
  • plant + rainbow 

Steps to Make Flower

  • Earth + Earth = Land 
  • Land + Land = Continent 
  • Continent + Continent= Planet 
  • Fire + Planet = Sun 
  • Water + Sun = Rainbow 
  • Water + Water = Puddle 
  • Puddle + Water + Pond 
  • Pond + Water = Lake 
  • Lake + Water = Sea 
  • Earth + Sea= Primordial 
  • Soup Fire + Fire = Energy 
  • Energy + Primordial Soup = Life 
  • Earth + Life = Soil 
  • Air + Planet = Atmosphere 
  • Atmosphere + Water = Cloud 
  • Cloud + Water = Rain 
  • Rain + Soil = Plant 

Rainbow + Plant = Flower

Best ways of making Flowers 

Right here, the plant + rainbow mixture is the simplest path to take right here will be the plant + rainbow mixture because it calls for much fewer steps.

Here are the stairs you’ll want to take: 

  1. Combine Fire with itself to make Energy. Set this off to the aspect for later. 
  2. Combine Earth with itself to make Land. 
  3. With Earth again, you’ll integrate it with Land to create a Continent. 
  4. Combine a Continent with itself to make a planet. 
  5. Use fire and integrate it with the Planet to make a Sun. 
  6. Combine Sun with Water to make a Rainbow. 
  7. Setting your Rainbow detail aside, you’ll need to be aware of combining Water with itself to make a Puddle. 
  8. Combine the Puddle with Water. 
  9. This will create a Pond. Once again, you’ll want to mix Water with the Pond to create a Lake. 
  10. One extra time, you’ll be including Water in your Lake to make a Sea. 
  11. After making your Sea, integrate with Earth to make Primordial Soup. 
  12. Combine your Primordial Soup with the Energy to make Life. 
  13. Combine your Life detail with Earth to make Soil. 
  14. Then blend the Soil detail with Life to create a Plant. 

Finally, integrate your Rainbow detail with the Plant to make a Flower!

After Making Flower 

Making the Flower detail will assist you’re driving different factors withinside the game. Following most of these steps, you’ll make Flower within the Little Alchemy 2. However, when you have a few factors before, you could choose that unique detail from the factors panel and drag it to the gambling board where you need to create the Flower.

You also can study different courses to make factors like Human, Moon, Evil and plenty of others. Here are a few mixtures you could make with this flower detail in Little Alchemy 2. 

Flower Combinations 

  • Flower + Animal = Bee 
  • Flower + Bee = Honey 
  • Flower + Alchohol = Perfume 
  • Flower + Bottle = Vase 
  • Flower + Bird = Hummingbird 
  • Flower + Cat = Catnip 
  • Flower + Blade = Rose 
  • Flower + Dust = Pollen 
  • Flower + Flower = Garden 
  • Flower + Container = Garden 
  • Flower + Lawn = Garden 
  • Flower + House = Garden 
  • Flower + Grass = Garden 
  • Flower + Lake = Water lily 
  • Flower + Love = Rose 
  • Flower + Plant = Garden 
  • Flower + Owl = Hummingbird 
  • Flower + Pottery = Vase 
  • Flower + Pond = Water lily 
  • Flower + Pigeon = Hummingbird 
  • Flower + Rain = Fruit 
  • Flower + Puddle = Water lily 
  • Flower + Stream = Water lily 

If you also are a Little Alchemy 2 player, you definitely have to have cherished analyzing this manual for making plants in Little Alchemy 2. You also can use a number of those tremendous flower mixtures to shape your favorite factor


Little Alchemy 2 is an unfastened cell recreation wherein you integrate factors collectively that’ll evolve into something new, which includes Sky or Evil. So, the hobby has over seven hundred distinctive characteristics. One in every one of them is Flower.

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