How To Get The Secret Badge In Find The Markers

In this article, we’ll discuss How to get the Secret Badge to Find the Markers. This hidden Badge may be a piece intricate to find. However, we’ll come up with all of the pointers and hints you want to get it. Be certain to paste around till the end, as we promise you won’t be disappointed.

Space biome 

You ought to discover matters within side the Space biome to gain the name of the game badge. The Martian Marker is placed within the Space biome, while the Old Marker is within the Olde Shop. The unique marker may be accessed by using the facet of a shelf. The Periwinkle Marker also can be discovered close to the flower patches of the Washable Kingdom. 

Abandoned city 

The Abandoned City consists of 4 markers which you ought to discover so that it will gain the name of the game badge. First, turn in the direction of the Clock Tower and hug the facet of the stairway to attain the primary one. After that, you ought to whole a brief hobby after which contacts a platinum field within side the Abandoned City to discover the second marker. 

Washable Kingdom 

The Washable Kingdom is a Roblox location. You can get there through mountain climbing, the obvious trusses scattered over the map. You may be transferred to the Washable Kingdom if you attain the second stairway’s pinnacle. The Washable Kingdom map consists of a flower field, marsh, marketplace, castle, and mountain with rooms. This area now has a new tower to climb to the Candyland Update. 

Merchant Marker 

In Roblox’s Find the Markers recreation, various approaches exist to discover the markers. This hidden item recreation is primarily based on the net collection Battle for Dream Island. The recreation writer has permission to apply several of the collection’s characters and props. The purpose of the sport is to discover markers, which can be mystery locations, through the following clues. 

Potion Marker 

There is some stuff you should do in case you need to gather the potion marker mystery badge in Find the Markers. First and foremost, you ought to recognize the sport’s mechanics. Rather than taking a direct route and clicking on random markers, you should go to all the locations to research what every identification accomplishes. This will make it less complicated to discover the quality. 

Winning Marker 

Obtaining the name of the game badge is one of the maximum tough goals in the sport, Find The Markers. This Badge will give you a wonderful look and is a superb approach to making your man or woman stand out. This Badge is earned through acting numerous tasks.

To get the Secret Badge in Find the Markers

Method 1:

  • First, begin the game and find markers. 
  • After that, head to the mountain biome. 
  • Once you get there, begin mountaineering and overcoming obstacles. 
  • As you climb, maintain searching out the red marker once you spot it, method the title, and attempt to get via the wall after it. (Players also can use the Shift key or transfer to FPP for a higher understanding.) 
  • After efficaciously surpassing you via the narrow gate within the wall, you’ll locate yourself in a darkroom. 
  • And there, you’ll see the sparkling textual content Earthbound Reference written on the wall. 
  • Contact your frame to the textual content, and you’ll immediately get a mystery badge in Find the Markers game. 

If this technique does not include paintings for you, scroll down and attempt another. 

Method 2:

  • First, release the sport to your device. 
  • Next, head to the mountain biome and begin mountaineering to its pinnacle. 
  • When you reach the mountain’s pinnacle, search for a leaning tree. 
  • Once you spot the tree, attempt to stroll via the wall after it. (Players also can use the Shift key or transfer to FPP for a higher understanding.)
  • After efficaciously passing the wall, flip left and kept strolling till the stop of the path. 
  • And after that, you’ll input a room with sparkling Earthbound Reference textual content. 
  • Go beforehand and contact the textual content together with your frame, and you will be fine. 

These are all methods to locate the name of the game badge in Roblox Find The Markers. Try each strategy and spot which one works for you. This sums up a whole lot of approximately searching out an icon.


These are all of the approaches to locating the Secret Badge in Roblox Find The Markers. Try out each strategy and spot which one works for you. That sums up the entirety of approximately locating the Badge. While you’re right here, test a way to get Gummy Marker within side the game.

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