How could I track my phone through Find My Device Alternatives?

Have you misplaced your mobile device and failed to install tracking security software?. Find My Device Alternativeswe’ll show you how to locate a phone. There are ways to recover it, whether it’s a tablet or a mobile phone. Although we sincerely hope that you remember to install security software the next time.

How Does Find My Device Help Me Find My Lost Phone?

A register of this data won’t be possible without an app to read the position and situational information. That mobile devices are continually transmitting thanks to their inherent GPS functionalities.

But because remote apps and mass linkages are so commonplace in the 21st century. Even if you can’t obtain the complete bundle, you can at least find out where the device is. Don’t worry; we’ll show you how to locate a phone in this post.

There are ways to recover it, whether it’s a tablet or a mobile phone. Although we sincerely hope that you remember to install security software the next time. Google is a wise business. They are among the most valuable corporations mention for a reason.

Therefore, they planned and created the Android Device Manager. Currently refer to as Find My Device, a feature that comes as standard in all Android smartphones and where being connect to the internet is all that is necessary to obtain location data.

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How to Use Android Device Manager?

Android Device Manager (ADM) can be use with just a computer and a Google account. That is also linked to a smartphone or tablet to track the location of your device every ten minutes.

All it takes to turn the device on and connect to the Internet is to enable this feature, which is always on by default. You may track the location by logging into your account. Without using a computer by just downloading the software to another Android phone.

But the Android Device Manager is capable of much more than just tracking GPS location. To safeguard user privacy, you can request a mass wipe of all information once you’ve given up on retrieving your device.

This feature must first be enable, however, it will save you from several headaches. Although there used to be more alternatives for installing apps remotely, Google altered this feature for security reasons, so it’s no longer viable to do so, but users have discovered alternative methods.

How to Locate an Android Device Google Timeline usage came up with fresh solutions by considering unconventional methods for locating your devices, which, while unusual, are useful as a last resort.

One of these is to take advantage of Google’s Timeline feature, which is typically use to keep track of locations visit throughout a timeline by cross-referencing the location with Google’s account.

The timeline does not, however, employ GPS as ADM does. Instead, it uses 2G, phone antennas, and Wi-Fi networks to connect to and pinpoint a location, allowing it to function even while the device is off.

This format makes it impossible to get real-time reports, but you will be able to see the path your device is taking, perhaps even spot a pattern, and come up with ideas for how to find it.

Branded tracking devices

To track the whereabouts of their phones, some mobile manufacturers have created their tracking software. Like Samsung, who can monitor the device regardless of the device, and even if it requires the Internet to function, they will typically provide more exact information and will be a safe alternative because it comes pre-installed on the device.

Find My Device Alternatives

Here some Find My Device Alternatives are describe for all of you lets starts

Find my iPhone Find My Device Alternatives

Find my iPhone Find My Device Alternatives

The Find my iPhone service, a free feature of MobileMe, can help you locate a lost iPhone or iPad. On your iPhone or iPad, just turn on Find My iPhone in the MobileMe settings. After then, by logging into http://me.c…, you may track it using GPS or WiFi.

FoneHome Find My Device Alternatives

FoneHome  Find My Device Alternatives

Many of the fundamental detector functions found in Device Locator are also present in FoneHome. You may track several devices with it, and it will attempt to locate your device using WiFi and GPS.

The gadget also features an alert and can be remotely control to snap pictures. It also records up to 100 location updates and lets you remotely direct the phone’s browser to a certain URL.

It’s a wonderful indicator that they’ve thought about data security that FoneHome makes a point of mentioning that it encrypts all of your transferred information and that it’s held in a “safe data center”; nonetheless, the specifics are a little hazy.

GadgetTrak Find My Device Alternatives

GadgetTrak  Find My Device Alternatives

GadgetTrak contains many of the same fundamental finding features as before. You may track numerous devices with it, and it will attempt to locate your device via GPS, WiFi, or cell tower triangulation. You can also push a message to the phone using it.

Although this requires an in-app payment, you can capture pictures with either the front or back cameras. Since SSL is used to transmit the data, it is sent encrypted. GadgetTrak, like FoneHome, claims that its backend database is located in a secure data center.

This doesn’t provide any information regarding how securely they store the data itself, only that it’s unlikely that someone will attempt to physically break in and steal the hard discs it’s kept on.

Phone Trace Find My Device Alternatives

Phone Trace  Find My Device Alternatives

Phone Trace is the most expensive option, but considering its price, it has shockingly few functions. You may choose to receive location updates through SMS, voice call, or email, and it solely tracks your device using GPS.

You can transmit commands to the phone via Phone Trace, which some people might think makes the increased cost worthwhile. Additionally, you can specify the number of criteria, such as a SIM card change, for when a notification will be sent to you.

iHound Find My Device Alternatives

iHound  Find My Device Alternatives

Some finder applications will make an effort to defend their high pricing by including features that are useful in situations more than merely finding a misplaced phone.

One common remedy for this is to offer monitoring capabilities, which might be used to monitor your morning run or make sure your child gets to school securely. One of these apps, iHound, offers a wide variety of capabilities.

It offers a few notably distinctive tracking capabilities, like geo-fencing capability, which will notify you when the phone leaves a certain area. Additionally, you may configure it to notify you when the phone reaches a specific location.

When you use it, it will also send you Yelp notifications for nearby shops or restaurants to reach the destination. Regarding its locator features, iHound will make an effort to locate your device using triangulation of GPS, WiFi, or mobile towers and will allow you to track numerous devices.

It can be configured to send you notifications for additional events, such as a large change in location or just before the phone turns off. Additionally, iHound can be configured to send several alert tones.

GPS tracker Find My Device Alternatives

GPS tracker

GPS tracker is a remarkable feature-rich application considering that it is now a free program with an asked donation. It’s another app with tracking capabilities in addition to those for finding a stolen or misplaced phone.

You may even download or publish tracking information using a GPS tracker. So if you’d like, you can share specifics about your weekend hike. (However, it’s never a good idea from a security standpoint to publicly disclose information. That includes your home or place of employment!).

It lets you set up geo-fencing borders to alert you when a phone has been taken outside of those restrictions, just like iHound.

You may track numerous devices with it, and it will attempt to locate your device via GPS, WiFi, or cell tower triangulation. Additionally, the GPS tracker offers password protection for the phone remotely.

This app’s description claims that your data is transported to a “protected server,”. But it doesn’t specify what this means, like many of the other apps we’ve reviewed.

It does, however, include a pretty nice feature that none of the other rated applications have—a panic button that enables. You to make an emergency phone call or VOIP call to a predetermined number or send a notification.

Hidden Find My Device Alternatives


The most straightforward finder app on this list might be Hidden. Based on the features your Mac offers. It will try to locate your device using GPS, WiFi, or cell tower triangulation.

For the most part, this will just be WiFi. You can also take screenshots and use the laptop’s webcam to snap pictures that can help identify a thief.

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