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Amazon is a popular online shopping website where you can but a wide range of new and second-hand items, from books and music to computers and cars.

Where Is The Amazon Secret Store Located?

Click the three horizontal lines in the bottom right corner and choose “Deals & Savings” to access the Amazon Outlet part of the app. The sub-menu will display “Amazon Outlet” and “Warehouse.”

Amazon Alternative

All of us desire quick, free shipping, but at what cost? The following time you “add to cart,” choose a sustainable option.

Kalonegy VS Amazon


I’m overjoy to introduce Kalonegy to you. They have you covered whether you’re looking for skincare, haircare, body care, facial care, or wellness items.

They also carry kid-friendly, safe products if you’re seeking those. Some of my favorite green beauty companies are represented here, including Indie Lee, Based, Blume, and others.

Additionally, because they did all the legwork for you, you won’t ever have to worry about greenwashing. These four pillars form the basis for the rigorous curation and selection of every brand.

Concerning safe products, Kalonegy takes them seriously. There are no nasty additives in any of the items they sell; they are all manufactured with incredibly healthy natural and organic ingredients.

Additionally, they have agreements with EcoCart and Eco-Stay Forestry to make your order carbon-neutral. I advise you to look into their loyalty program as well, which enables you to collect points for more products you might be coveting. It’s quite easy to register!.



Over 1,300 small enterprises are represented by the search and discovery engine, and it adds up to 30,000 new products each month! Currently available in 16 major cities and areas, including Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, and New York.

Attic sells goods from a variety of shops that are spread around the US and certain portions of Canada. The service is free if you’re a merchant!.

ATTIC, a curated platform that houses many stores with a range of production methods, pursues sustainability in a few key ways. By hand-selecting stores that sell vintage and antique goods

By giving preference to merchants and makers who sell brand-new items that are made locally, upcycle, naturally, organically, in small quantities. or accordance with the principles of “slow fashion”. And by categorizing stores by region to encourage customers to shop locally to reduce shipping and travel emissions.

Obakki VS Amazon


Obakki, a Canadian competitor to Amazon, prioritizes the needs of its customers. Handmade by artists from all over the world, “actual people crafting things that bring significance and connection to your home,” everything is made with love.

Every Obakki product embodies the company’s commitment to traceability, sustainability, and ethical manufacturing. For your house, discover pottery, candles, baskets, and linens. Or check out their range of skincare products and jewelry.

There is also a lovely assortment of clothing and gift suggestions. Obakki is just one of my favorite ethical Canadian marketplaces, having worked with them in the past. Obakki, which Treana Peake founded in 2005, combines her passions for travel and design.

Throughout her more than 70 trips to Africa, she has met with every single Craftsman to guarantee that social responsibility is upheld at every turn.

From the world’s largest refugee Resettlement area in Uganda to isolated villages in Mexico, Treana continually builds strong bonds with Obakki’s artisan partners.

Unique and gorgeous home products and clothing that are ethically source! Through programs that assist access to clean water, education, and healthcare, the Obakki Foundation was established as a nonprofit organization.

Baltic Marché

Baltic Marché

Even when shopping, it’s crucial to me to be genuine, healthy, and meaningful. In my own life, one of the ways I accomplish it is by always trying to support local businesses.

The focus of Baltic Marché is “beautifully design, environmentally responsible items for your everyday home.” It is a stunningly selected store. Baltic Marché is a good alternative of Amazon.

It was establish to assist us in locating goods that are not only high-quality but also long-lasting. This small business takes the effort to locate the things that will work for us, whether it’s the ideal treatment, a balm to calm skin, or any zero-waste need!

How lovely are those spoons up there? Wooden spoons are kind of a fascination for me. These were handcrafted in Ontario by a local woman craftsman from Canadian maple and walnut woods.

The Baltic Bundles, which are select packages for your bathroom, kitchen, and self-care needs, are my favorite part of the website since they are so simple to use.

Each kit has everything you need to reduce waste and benefit the environment. The zero-waste kitchen kits include Swedish cloths that are fantastic for zero-waste cleaning and also make a great paper towel substitute, block soap, and reusable food containers.

Additionally, they have a ton of fantastic outdoor necessities, such as lovely bamboo plates and pretty unique tumblers.

Their bath and body department features bespoke skincare items like plastic-free loofahs, exotic hand-crafted soaps, and nutrient-rich face oils, all of which would make fantastic Eco-friendly gift ideas! So go ahead and treat yourself at Baltic Marché.



One of the greatest environmentally friendly alternatives to Amazon is etee. They have a top-notch range of zero-waste goods.

They enable everyone to live without plastic. Its feature refilled cleaning goods, zero-waste toothpaste, beeswax wraps, and more.

Additionally, they sell a range of incredibly inventive green items that they make themselves, such as their zero-waste lip balm and dishwashing solutions.

All of the products sold by the local Toronto online zero waste store etee are 100 percent natural and Biodegradable. Expect to receive your goods without any plastic when they mail them to you.

The shop’s founder, Steve, is a drummer and kayaker who opened it intending to change the world. All of his goods are of excellent quality and are incredibly inexpensive.

Because there is no Middleman and they can control all aspects of manufacturing, they can keep pricing low. As a result, you save a ton of money.

The utilization of their beeswax wrapping might be up to 150 times once 100 million plastic items have been eliminate. But be sure to clean them well.

Last Thought

We can’t purchase our way out of the issues we have brought about, and purchasing a reusable tote bag won’t help the environment either. The most sustainable option is for us to stop consuming so much garbage.

When we NEED something for the house, why not support fair trade and environmentally friendly alternatives to Amazon? Of course, The Eco Hub is the ideal substitute for Amazon as well.

Where do you buy things? Let me know your opinions. Sharing is caring, so if you found this post useful, please help someone by doing so.

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